Monday, October 2, 2023


Banaan Museum Reopens, Showing Culture And History To Tourists

Discover the rich history and culture of Pangasinan at the newly opened Banaan Museum. A must-visit for locals and tourists alike.

International Surfing Tournament In Siargao To Bring Huge Boost To Country’s Tourism

Siargao International Surfing Cup to fuel the full recovery of the tourism industry on the island, bringing waves of excitement.

Calicoan Island Eyes To Be The Next Surfing Spot

Guiuan in Eastern Samar is set to become the next big surfing destination in the Philippines. Catch the waves and experience the thrill!

LGUs To Perform Water Restoration In Hinulugang Taktak To Attract Tourists

Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls to be Saved! A new water treatment plant will restore the ecological balance and transform this sewerage water into a thriving habitat.

Direct Flights From Thailand To PH Is Now Available For Easy Access To Travelers

The Department of Transportation works with the Department of Tourism to create direct flights between Thailand and the Philippines, opening up a ‘Paradise Island’ destination.

Australia To Distribute ‘Work, Holiday’ Visas Annually To Over 200 Filipinos

The Australian Embassy in Manila will issue ‘work and holiday’ visas to 200 Filipinos starting in 2024, fostering stronger economic and cultural ties between the nations.

Borongan City Launches Kayak Race For Tourists

Dive into the thrill as the Borongan City Government organizes kayak races, aiming for national and international competitions.

Ilocos Norte To Offer Affordable Tours To Attract More Visitors

Experience the beauty and adventure of the Ilocos Region with diverse and affordable tour packages at the Philippine Travel Mart.

Conservation Of Verde Island Gets Spotlight In A Travel Fair

Dive into the immersive underwater world of Verde Island Passage and experience the Amazon of the Oceans at the Philippine Travel Mart!

Niyogyugan Festival Is Back After Pandemic-Hit

The Niyogyugan Festival brings back the vibrant celebration of coconut farming and Quezon’s rich culture after a three-year hiatus.