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At-Home Luxury: Achieve Soft, silky skin with Elle De Marrer’s Collagen Mask

At-Home Luxury: Achieve Soft, silky skin with Elle De Marrer’s Collagen Mask

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As a mom, days are so busy that we tend to forget that self-care is a priority and it’s ok to want to be our best self by ensuring that we are mentally, emotionally, and physically well.

Being a mom, I always highlight the importance of self-care especially for us moms because I believe it is very important to make this a priority in our life. Let’s face it: when it comes to skincare, moms are always on the go and often don’t have time for self-care.  My dermatologist told me as we age, skincare is a must because it helps to keep our skin looking young and radiant, and it also helps to prevent wrinkles, which start appearing between your 30s and 40s. In addition, busy moms need to moisturize their skin regularly to keep it healthy and hydrated.

While strolling around Venice grand canal mall in Taguig City, I found this ELLE DE MARRER store. ELLE DE MARRER is a premium quality, vegan-friendly skincare brand that is committed to delivering natural products that are effective and gentle on the skin.

I remember my mom friend told me; she’s using Elle de Marrer products, I can see how glowing she is right now! One of their products my friend told me she uses is the Elle de Marrer Collagen Mask. Honestly, as a busy mom I often uses 3-4 products in my daily skincare routine. My skin condition is currently dry to sensitive skin that tends to look a bit wrinkled. I’ve been eyeing to buy this collagen mask for a long time, last month was Mother’s Month so I finally gave in!

I gifted myself Elle de Marrer Collagen Mask that is suitable for all skin types. This product offer a great value for my face and neck, as a small amount delivers significant results, providing excellent value for money.  Collagen Mask helps to firm, lift, hydrate, de-puff, and brighten the skin.

Age isn’t the only factor in collagen loss. Damage may come in the form of too much sun exposure, smoking, environmental pollutants and certain lifestyle habits that all play a part in slowing down our body’s production of this essential protein. Thankfully, there are ways we can fight back against aging and replenish the collagen levels in our skin, helping us obtain healthier, more vibrant and younger-looking skin.

I’ve been using collagen mask for 2 weeks, I put sunscreen after I put this collagen mask. I was surprised how my skin continuously improve and my skin is glowing! I observed that it becomes more firmer specially around my cheek area forehead, lines on my face look smoother and also improve my skin tone.  I’m loving the results on my skin. My friends notice some good changes on my skin too! I must say it’s a gamechanger! Definitely return of investment on my face and neck because a little product goes along way.

Elle De Marrer is a high-end skincare brand known for its luxurious and effective products. Vegan-Friendly: All products are certified vegan, ensuring no animal-derived ingredients are used.

If you’re in a mid-30’s like me, try this product and experience the luxurious glowing effect on your skin!
Because you deserve it! You can check other products via their website https://elledemarrer.com/

Elle de marrer is available at
* Robinsons Iligan
* Boracay