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Bahay Turo Online Tutoring our child’s learning companion

Bahay Turo Online Tutoring our child’s learning companion

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The Effective, On-Demand, and Safe Way to Boost Learning for Your Kids


One of the toughest challenges for many parents is how to get the help their children need for school work. While there are a lot of options out there, it can get quite confusing to know which of them suits your child’s needs the best.

Bahay Turo takes the guesswork out for you. Our online community gives you access to the best teachers in the Philippines that can tutor your child at a day and time of your choosing.  You can easily book for a 1-1 session at PHP500, or for a Learning Bundle of five sessions for PHP2450. Each session runs for 50 minutes. Payment channels are safe and secure, and the user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Do your kids need help with Filipino, Math, or Creative Writing? Or are they keen on learning Coding? Bahay Turo has got you covered for all Pre-K to 12 subjects.

What sets Bahay Turo apart from the rest is not only how carefully we have selected our team of tutors but how we also made sure that each of them knows how to effectively teach online. We carry out a 360-degree assessment that takes into account teacher-peer feedback, parent feedback, and student feedback. As a result of our application process, parents can be assured that Bahay Turo teachers teach with empathy, kindness, and genuine concern for a child’s total well-being.

Bahay Turo is also proudly Philippine-made. Its mission is to mold the next generation of globally competitive Filipinos, wherever they may be, and to support and to provide professional development opportunities to our Pinoy teachers.

Interested? The first session is free! Head over to to learn more and book your first trial session today.

For more information, kindly contact:

Blessy Tianco | | IG: @bahayturo | FB: Bahay Turo PH