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Hi-Precision Diagnostics is celebrating their 25th Anniversary


Hi-Precision Diagnostics is celebrating their 25th Anniversary

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Hi-Precision Diagnostics also launched the Blotto (Blood Test Lotto) where patients can get a chance to win P250,000. 
Blotto Fast facts: 
a. HPD’S BLOTTO is a Blood Test Lotto wherein patients who have availed CBC and Platelet test will have a chance to win P250,000.
b. Grand prize of P 250,000 will be given away to lucky winner/s.
c. Consolation prize of five (5) P 25,000 each will be given away to five (5) winners who will be selected after the promo ends.
d. The promo period is from November 8, 2021- January 31, 2022.



1. What is BLOTTO promo?

a. HPD’S BLOTTO is a Blood Test Lotto wherein patients who have availed CBC and Platelet test will have a chance to win P 250,000
b. Grand prize of P 250,000 will be given away to lucky winner/s.
c. Consolation prize of five (5) P 25,000 each will be given away to five (5) winners who will be selected after the promo ends.

2. When is the promo period?

The promo period is from November 8, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

3. Who are qualified to join? 

a. The promo is available to all residents of the Philippines, ages 18 and above.
b. The promo is open to patients of all selected Hi-Precision Diagnostics and Hi-Precision Diagnostics Plus branches.
See attached file for the list of participating branches.
c. Patient classification should either be Walk-in (includes branch appointments) or Home Service and have paid in cash, credit card, bank transfer, GCash or HPD gift certificates.  Corporate accounts patients under CASH Basis are also eligible for the promo.

4. Who Are Not Qualified

a. Hi-Precision Diagnostics and Hi-Precision Diagnostics Plus staff, the clinic’s promo partners, its agencies, and its affiliates, including their relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity.
b. All patients under CHARGE accounts (e.g. Corporate accounts, Mission accounts, HMO, Insurance).
c. Patients who paid using electronic gift certificates.

5. How to Join?

a. Visit any Hi-Precision Diagnostics or Hi-Precision Diagnostics Plus clinic or book a home service appointment for a blood test from November 8, 2021 – January 31, 2022.
b. After having the blood test, patients can find their details on the receipt to be able to log in on the website ( where they can view their online results.
c. Full mechanics of the promo will be attached to the results pdf to remind them that their blood test result will be their Blotto ticket. The promo mechanics are explained in detail and the date of the grand draw is also indicated.
d. All promo participants are presumed to have read and understood, as well as agree and abide by the complete mechanics.

6. How to Win?

a. The blood test result will serve as an official ticket to the Blotto.
b. The numbers will come from the 5 chosen parameters appearing on a patient’s CBC and Platelet Count.

i. White Blood Cells
ii. Red Blood Cells
iii. Hemoglobin
iv. Mean Corpuscular Volume
v. Platelet Count

c. The numbers of the winning entry shall be randomly drawn via tambiolo of ping-pong balls with numbers 0-9.
d. One tambiolo set will be prepared for each of the 5 parameters of the CBC and Platelet results.
e. The winning numbers will be drawn in the presence of a DTI representative via manual draw during the productions shoot of the grand draw at Hi-Precision Diagnostics.
f. The drawn numbers must match the second number from the left in each chosen parameter regardless of the decimal point of the ticket owner in order to be considered as a winner.


g. Announcement of drawn numbers will be done on February 2, 2022 airing the recorded shoot on Facebook via FB Live.
h. The promo winners will be given a 1 week starting live date to inform Hi-Precision Diagnostics of their winning Blotto numbers.
i. The promo winners will be given (60) days to claim the prize.
j. The grand prize winner who gets the 5 winning Blotto numbers shall receive P 250,000.00 In the event that more than 1 patient gets the winning numbers, the prize money will be divided among the verified Blotto winners.
k. Five (5) consolation prize winners who get 4 winning Blotto numbers shall win P 25,000.00 each.
l. Patients may only win once during the entire duration of the promo.
m. Winners will be announced through HPD official Facebook page and will receive their prize tax free (tax to be paid by HPD).

7. How to Claim the Prizes?

a. The ticket owner/s with the winning Blotto numbers MUST contact Hi-Precision Diagnostics Marketing Department via VIBER number (09338193877) in order to verify their winning Blotto numbers.
b. For the consolation prizes, the first 5 ticket owners TO CLAIM THE PRIZES will be eligible to win after verification of their blotto ticket numbers.
c. All ticket owners who will claim their winning must go through verification.
d. For easy verification, Blotto ticket owner must provide the Lab numbers with their winning Blotto numbers. Lab numbers can be found at the upper right part of your results.
e. Winning Blotto ticket owners may only contact HP Marketing via text /Viber message, 7 working days after the announcement of winning Blotto numbers in the HPD Official Facebook page.
f. Winners are given sixty (60) days to claim their prize money.
* Hi-Precision Diagnostics gives the prize in cheque. Winner may arrange pickup of the cheque in the nearest HPD branch or HPD can deposit the cheque to winners’ preferred bank.
g. All Blotto ticket numbers who will contact HP Marketing after the given period will not be entertained.
h. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and will be donated to HPD’s chosen charity.


Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB 130876 Series of 2021