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How Snacking Connects People during the Pandemic

How Snacking Connects People during the Pandemic

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  • Make snacking a high point of your lockdown days with Eden and Cheez Whiz
  • Celebrate National Cheese Day making snacks with the family

Mondelez Philippines wishes everyone a happy National Cheese Day!  What a great day to enjoy some delicious snacks made with the company’s beloved cheese brands, Eden cheese and Cheez Whiz. After all, a recent survey on snacking behavior shows that snacking at home has become a bonding moment for more families as we continue to be on lockdown. Parents also share that snacking has become one of the sources of satisfaction throughout the day, with them choosing snacks that are fun to eat.

According to the global State of Snacking report, snacking has enabled bonding among families during this isolating time of staying at home and having less interaction with people outside your household. Over three quarters of respondents have done something to connect with others via food, while 40% shared that they have made a snack together with their family members while on lockdown. The survey was commissioned by the parent company of snacks maker Mondelez Philippines to understand how the pandemic has affected snacking behaviors globally.

Snacking is an important and growing consumer behavior. Growth in snacking categories is set to outpace the broader food industry. It’s high time we understand more about snacking and the growing role it plays in people’s lives. Below, see more insights on snacking from the survey:

  • 78% of work from home parents say that snacking is one of the few sources of reward and satisfaction in their day. Parents’ schedules have changed, from being away from home to having to deal with household duties more frequently during the pandemic. Snacking makes a great escape and reward for their busier days.
  • 48% of all snackers make sure to enjoy something fun to eat – a creative snack to bring excitement to their everyday at home.

Mondelez Philippines is a snacking company with 58 years of heritage in the country. It aims to empower people to snack right, with the right snack, for the right moment and made the right way. It is the maker of iconic cheese brands such as Eden cheese and Cheez Whiz – both with equally rich histories of being part of Filipino snacks through the past decades. Did you know both brands are still made in the same factory where they started many decades ago? That’s cheese-making expertise you cannot beat.

Times may change but these brands remain #1 in their categories because of their unbeatable deliciousness, superior quality and versatility. Who doesn’t love Eden cheese on spaghetti – a Pinoy party classic? Or even Cheez Whiz on a warmly toasted slice of bread or pan de sal.

With more time being spent at home, it’s also right to be more creative with your snacks. Today’s a good excuse as well to have delicious cheese treats. Good thing Eden cheese and Cheez Whiz can help you with that. Care to try Eden cheese as part of a fun charcuterie or as cheese sticks? Or maybe use Cheez Whiz as a yummy and nutrient-filled topping on fries and nachos? It has a taste that kids love so you can dip, drizzle and spread it along your favorite snacks! Cheez Whiz is also a source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus. There may be some uncertainty outside your homes still, but inside, you can be guaranteed to have fun snack and bonding moments with your favorite cheese brands.

Enjoy making creative, supremely creamy, delicious, and versatile snacks with Eden cheese and Cheez Whiz this National Cheese Day! For more cheesy snack ideas and recipes, visit