Thursday, May 23, 2024

Lung Center of the Philippines receive P&G support for Frontliners

Lung Center of the Philippines receive P&G support for Frontliners

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Since the pandemic, Procter & Gamble Philippines’ (P&G) Force For Good program has focused on protecting the frontliners in hospitals, local government units, and government agencies who protect the country and help in recovery efforts. P&G was the first company to repurpose their manufacturing plant to have a medical-grade face mask production line and has since donated over three million face masks to help protect medical, healthcare, and government frontliners. The company also previously provided frontliner PPEs and health and hygiene products like Safeguard soap, Head & Shoulders, Tide, and Ariel.

With new reports and continuous monitoring of COVID-19 variants, the company has been consistent in stepping up to help protect and support hospitals and frontliners. P&G provided several hospitals with PPEs and health and hygiene products, including Vicks First Defence, a new nasal spray innovation product.  Among the beneficiaries is the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP), which currently houses most of the COVID-19 patients in Metro Manila.


“P&G’s primary mission today is to help protect the health of frontliners, families, and communities with our health and hygiene products. With the heightened priority to protect the health, we are continuously finding solutions that help defend or provide relief from viruses, such as the common cold virus for example. Our newest product Vicks First Defence aims to do that, and we are happy to provide it first to our country’s medical frontliners who deserve the utmost protection for their tireless service,” said Raffy Fajardo, President and General Manager of P&G Philippines.