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MMPH: Find your Tribe and Love them Hard

MMPH: Find your Tribe and Love them Hard

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Have you ever felt that you were all alone?  No one to talk to? Someone you want to lean on when everyone is busy with their lives? Have you also felt that after you became a mom everyone cant understand what you’re going through about raising your child because you’re friends doesn’t have kids yet? That is what I felt 2 years ago. Besides no man is an Island right?

Two years ago I find this group of moms in facebook called Millennial Moms Ph wherein they have upcoming event where every moms are gathered; out of my curiosity I joined for the very first time to attend an event that I have no friends around.

That day of event in Eastwood I was surprised to see a lot of moms joining the event along with their kids. During that time I met mommy friends  that are very friendly they are the one who approached me then while we are having ”mirienda” we were sharing alot of our experiences on motherhood journey. It was indeed the first ever #momtribe I attend to.

I felt that time that group support each and everyone in the group. That I was surrounded by people who get it. This Millennial Moms Ph #momtribe help me overcome my postpartum blues/depression I thought no one can understand me but right then I am not alone that every moms are going through like me is normal. That is why I am sharing you all about Momtribe meet-up where every mother gather, connect and inspire each other.

Every Month Milliennial Moms Ph have its event in Eastwood and Mommy Dette Zulueta is the founder of MMPH, every month has its different topics that focuseon being a mom, couples parenting, budgeting, safe for kids and also its all about for the whole family.In a #MomTribe Meet-Up Session, there are informational talks, group discussions, games and raffle. It is also a venue where we introduce mom approved products that will make their motherhood journey easier.

Loot Bags from the generous sponsors

Let me share with you my experience on Momtribe Meetup recently last October 20, 2019 the topic is all about Toxic- Free Living and Raising Kids with Money Values. The speaker is mommy Ley Almeda for the raising kids with Money Values and Mommy Vanessa for Toxic-Free Living. Before the event will start once you are in the registration and fill up your the attendance every mom will receive a gift packs from the generous sponsors msuch as ajinamoto, Absolute Distilled, Betadine gargle, Tempra, sweet baby diapers, Johnsons Baby, Giant carier and many more.

During the discussion I learned how to start the kid at their early age to save money and make them know the value for money. Mommy Ley discuss and tell us that there is no right age to start the lessons, teach them young right?! and make it a habit. Just to be mindful how to teach them depending on the childs age like for my daughters age is 3 yrs old it would be better to teach her like we were playing. I learned that being consistent is the Key.



Next speaker is Mommy Vanessa talked about how does the food becomes toxic if we microwaved it. Also she mention chemicals that are harmful for our health and body. She also mention that teflons have its chemical component that can cause cancer in our body. As a mom I am very particular on the ingredients, less preservatives, paraben free and earth friendly. I am now very meticulous when it comes to what we used at home and what we are eating because as a mom I want the best to my family.

After the discussion, every moms have given their snacks and enjoy the delightful lemon square cheese cake from the sponsor.

After the snack time every moms is excited and waiting even I is excited to join its a mom-tribe games. We are gathered to have to group ourselves, and the game is the spell the word using things and who complete the word correctly will win a special prize on the generous sponsors. After that is the raffle time where every moms are praying to win. It was indeed a enjoyful sunday afternoon, even better if you are with your mom friends.

Having Milliennial Moms Ph group (Mom tribe meet-up) I find myself that this group helped me,that is why I love this #momtribe. Support groups like this are offered me a space where every moms gather together to share their stories, experiences, and lives in a way that helps reduce isolation and loneliness. Oftentimes, we think we are struggling alone, but support groups help us see that there are others who may dealing with similar situations and who in turn can help us get better. I love this TRIBE!


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