Thursday, May 23, 2024

Round Table Discussion #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch at Johnson’s Baby TikTok Care Hub

Round Table Discussion #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch at Johnson’s Baby TikTok Care Hub

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There is a lot written on the joy of motherhood – the moment when we first held our bundle of joy is an indescribable feeling.By providing a peaceful environment in which our baby can bond before it’s born and establishing a connection that will continue after we gave birth.The way our baby builds these close relationship,it lays the foundations for them to feel safe and secure. Throughout motherhood journey, we never stops seeking ways to make sure our child is given the love and care he or she deserves.Babies are totally dependent on those who care for them to keep them safe.

The motherhood journey is one that involves trial and adjustment for both mom and baby. Despite the changes this journey and relationship entails, one thing remains constant love is at its core. The relationship deepens through bonding moments whether it’s with mundane everyday routines or with milestones worth noting. Regardless of how these moments are classified – whether big or small, it is the mom’s touch (haplos) that makes these experiences unforgettable. Babies can perceive haplos as their moms’ best way of communicating their love to them because the haplos of a mom evokes a certain feeling of security and trust in babies, which is why Johnson’s Baby puts haplos as the focal point of its campaign called #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch.


The campaign focuses on how Johnson’s Baby enables moms to show how much they love their babies with every hug, every cuddle, or touch moment they may have together with the help of the different Johnson’s products. Johnson’s Baby products are made with purposeful ingredients that go beyond cleansing and freshening as they also provide nourishment and protection. Key ingredients such as milk that nourishes, rice extracts that protect, silk proteins and argan oil that keep kids’ hair strong & shiny, support the overall development of babies’ skin and hair.


To mark the beginning of the #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch campaign, Johnson’s Baby held an intimate gathering with celebrity mombassador Bianca Gonzalez, Dr. Wilsie Salas-Walinsundin, and several mombassadors from online communities. A panel discussion took place delving into several topics along the lines of motherhood Day 1, age-appropriate products with purposeful ingredients, and more. Together with the launch of the campaign, the #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch TikTok Care Hub was also introduced, which will house bite-sized content for moms and by moms – created by those who have used and trusted Johnson’s Baby from Day 1. Through this hub, moms will be able to share tips and information with each other as they aim to give the best care and love for their babies.


Johnson’s Baby marketing manager, Cholo Perreras, shares the motivation behind the newly launched campaign. “We are so excited to share this campaign with moms. We wanted to put into focus these intimate haplos moments and see how we can make these even more meaningful for moms and their babies. On top of this, we also wanted to collaborate on creating content with our league of mombassadors– who we also consider to be experts in motherhood– to enable fellow moms to #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch, especially those who have only just begun in their motherhood journey. It is our hope that we will be able to touch the lives of more moms and their babies through the #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch campaign and our TikTok Care Hub.”


Celebrity mombassador Bianca Gonzalez shares how much she relates with the introduction of the brand’s latest campaign, “When I first became a mom [seven] years ago, I was really overwhelmed with the many emotions I was feeling especially during the time I first held Lucia, and then Carmen 3 years after. Yes, the feeling of love was overwhelming, but to be honest, there were more questions going through my head—Am I doing a good enough job? Am I doing enough for my child? How do I give her a proper bath? Is it okay to give her a massage already? Of course, answering these questions took time, many sleepless nights, and a lot of research on my end. It was with Johnson’s Baby that I fully put my trust in during this journey from day 1 for both my girls, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m also so excited to also be able to share some of my own tips over on the #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch TikTok Care Hub, to show fellow parents how they can love more with every touch.” Mombassador representatives from different online communities have also shared their own insights and personal testimonies during the short program.


Meanwhile, Dr. Wilsie Salas-Walinsundin, pediatric dermatologist, discusses the importance of age-appropriate skin care routines and products for babies. “It is very important for babies, especially infants, to have a skincare routine that properly nourishes and protects their skin. Babies’ skin is about 30% thinner compared to adult skin, which predisposes them to lose moisture content within the skin layer more rapidly than adults. Thus using age-appropriate products, with lesser additive is the best for baby’s skin.  The goals of cleansing baby’s skin is simple, and this includes safeguarding the immature skin barrier while promoting healthy skin development.”


Johnson’s Baby products are available in leading drugstores, supermarkets, and e-commerce platforms nationwide, such as Shopee and Lazada. Learn how you can #LoveMoreWithEveryTouch with Johnson’s Baby on its TikTok Care Hub and follow Johnson’s Baby on their official social media pages on Facebook and on Instagram.