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Super Fun Learning at Tutors Lounge Ph

Super Fun Learning at Tutors Lounge Ph

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One of the most oft-used terms after the pandemic is the term “new normal.” The new normal in education is the increased use of online learning tools. The current situation has triggered new ways of learning. Online learning is now applicable not just to learn academics but it also extends to learning extracurricular activities for students as well.


As a parent, my motto has always been that education begins and ends at home, pandemic or no pandemic. I know now that all changed dramatically with the reality of distance learning. While I have always considered myself to be an involved parent and an advocate for my daughter.

I’m glad I discover Tutors Lounge Ph wherein my child’s interest eager to learn more because it’s fun and interactive.

Last April we took the Math and Reading Class with Teacher Fe. We chose the 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm class. Sarah was delighted how she met virtually her new found friend / classmates and she was so happy interacting with them. Teacher Fe is very approachable, she is good interacting with all her 5 students.

As a parent here’s what I love about @tutorsloungeph
🌈Sarah’s good interaction with her classmates & teacher⁣
🌈She have 4-5 classmates, teacher be able to focus on my child needs.⁣
🌈Activities are provided before the week start⁣
🌈Friendly and approachable teacher⁣
🌈They have sing and dance portion⁣
🌈The learning slides presentation are colorful & interactive ⁣
🌈20 classes for 1,500 ( super sulit! ) ⁣
🌈 They have a lot of class activities to choose from like play group, math & reading, math intermediate, Filipino class, violin, guitar, piano & ukulele lesson, voice lesson, arts and crafts and many more! ⁣

I’m happy that we tried the Tutors Lounge Ph . It was fun online learning experience for my daughter Sarah.
Here’s the topic we had under Teacher’s Fe Math and Reading Lesson for ages 4-6 years old :

Day 1: Number Recognition 1-50 and Short Vowel A

Day 2: Number Recognition 51-100 and Short Vowel E

Day 3: Odd and Even Numbers & Short Vowel I

Day 4: Ordinal Numbers and Short Vowel O

Day 5: Enrichment Day and Storytelling; Fun Friday

Day 6: Ascending Order and Short Vowel U

Day 7: Descending Order and Long Vowel A /ai/

Day 8: Skip Counting by 2s and Long Vowel A /ay/

Day 9: Skip Counting by 5s and Long Vowel A /a_e/

Day 10: Skip Counting by 10s and Long Vowel E /ee/

Day 11: Modeling Addition and Long Vowel E /ea/

Day 12: Vertical Addition and Long Vowel I /igh/

Day 13: Counting On Strategy and Long Vowel I /ie/ and /y/

Day 14: Properties of Addition and Long Vowel I /i-e/

DAY 15: 2 Digit Addition and Long Vowel O /oa/

Day 16: Modeling Subtraction and Long Vowel O /oe/ and /ow/

Day 17: Property of Subtraction and Long Vowel O /o-e/

Day 18: Subtraction: Count Back Strategy and Long Vowel U /ue/

Day 19: 2-Digit Subtraction and Long Vowel U /ew/


This month of May we are currently on Playgroup Class can’t wait to share with you more of my Daughter’s journey of fun summer class at Tutors Lounge Ph.
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