Thursday, April 18, 2024

Catch Drunk Elephant #DrunkTruck at Rockwell Plaza Garden

Catch Drunk Elephant #DrunkTruck at Rockwell Plaza Garden

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Spread the natural vibes and find your ideal ‘smoothie mix’ with @drunkelephant designed to mix with one another. A small amount goes a long way! Skincare enthusiasts visiting Rockwell Powerplant Mall this week are in for a treat! Drunk Elephant, a renowned skincare brand, has brought their #DrunkTruck to the Rockwell Plaza Garden, near Zara. This limited edition pop-up skincare truck offers a unique opportunity to experience the brand’s offerings firsthand. From now until Thursday, June 8, visitors can hop aboard the #DrunkTruck and delve into the world of Drunk Elephant’s skincare philosophy, including their exclusive list of suspect ingredients known as the Suspicious 6™.

 Drunk Elephant’s specially formulated products are designed to work synergistically, maximizing their efficacy and providing users with a tailored skincare routine.

Drunk Elephant made its debut in the Philippines late last year and is currently available online as well as at select retail spaces, including SM Megamall. If you find yourself in the Rockwell area this week, seize the opportunity to take a #DrunkBreak with Drunk Elephant’s #DrunkTruck – a fantastic chance to immerse yourself in the world of this best-selling skincare brand.

Reset your skin back to its Balanced state. Experience the #DrunkTruck at Rockwell @powerplantmall (The Plaza Garden) until June 8!💚🐘⁣⁣
Go find the smoothies that works for your skin! 💗Drunk elephant products are bio-compatible with our skin,so they mix together easily and smoothies based on how our skin feels. Listen to it—it doesn’t always need the same thing.