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Coming in Hot: H&S, ALLMO$T, and Juan Caoile Fresh New Single

Coming in Hot: H&S, ALLMO$T, and Juan Caoile Fresh New Single

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Filipinos have had a fair share of bops in the past that can get you grooving and, on your toes, the second you hear those earworm tunes. It’s been a few months into 2021 but a track has yet to leave us with a severe dose of LSS.

Well, that’s about to change with Head & Shoulders’ freshest collaboration with local hip-hop group ALLMO$T, and chart-topping rapper Juan Caoile.

Just last year, ALLMO$T hit virality with their song “Dalaga” and have since garnered 10 million views on their music video on YouTube and 39 million streams on Spotify. Meanwhile, “Marikit” rapper-songwriter Juan Caoile in collaboration with fellow artist Kyle Caplis, had millions of Filipinos dance to his hit single which now has over 500 thousand TikTok videos with hundreds of millions of views.

ALLMO$T and Juan Caoile have released bangers in 2020, and now they’re joining forces with Head & Shoulders for “Ganda Na Sana”. The single kicks off with addictive percussions that will surely get your body moving. Jom of ALLMO$T sets the tone of the song with a chorus that undeniably grabs your attention with the lyrics, “Ang ganda mo na sana, kaso kanina ka pa parang hindi mapakali.” It then transitions to rap segments by Juan and ALLMO$T’s Crakky and Russel, which narrate ganda na sana moments — almost perfect instances ruined by the inability to resist scratching the itch. Clien tops the whole track with his RnB-leaning bridge emphasizing the impact of itch-uations with an inundated yet subtle question, “Sa ‘yong ganda mala-anghelita ang dating pero parang may mali?

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You don’t want to miss out on this promising collaboration between ALLMO$T, Juan Caoile, and Head & Shoulders. “Ganda Na Sana” will be out on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify on May 21. But the hype doesn’t stop there. Mark your calendars and watch out for the “Ganda Na Sana” official music video release in June, premiering on the official Head & Shoulders PH YouTube channel. Tune in for this amazing track on local radio stations. For more exciting updates on this iconic collab, follow Head & Shoulders PH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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