Monday, June 17, 2024

Fresh Summer offerings from Salmon HQ

Fresh Summer offerings from Salmon HQ

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Are you ready to celebrate summer?


If you’re still prepping to have that summer body, Salmon HQ is your best friend. If you’re looking for delicious treats that are good not just for the heart but also for your body, Salmon HQ has everything from pasta to baked sushi and naked salmon cake to offer.


Here are some of their best sellers that you need to try at least once in your life.


Hokkaido Oysters 


Imagine eating oysters that are as big as the palm of your hands? AWESOME right? This is what Hokkaido Oysters are all about. 

Oysters are a rich source of vitamin D, copper, zinc, and manganese. These micronutrients, in combination with calcium, are thought to be key to slowing or even preventing bone loss in older women due to osteoporosis. Additionally, dietary sources of these minerals are thought to be more effective than supplements. Salmon HQ’s Hokkaido Oysters will definitely have you slurping this awesome goodness with the biggest smile on your face. 


Otoro and Chutoro


This is the most desirable part from the inside of the fish’s belly. Because it is the fattiest part of the fish, it practically melts in your mouth. It also lends sashimi a sweeter taste. Because of its rich and highly sought-after nature, otoro can be a bit more expensive than other parts of the fish – but certainly worth every penny.

Chutoro straddles both types of tuna and so it provides both a meaty and a fatty texture for a real celebration in your mouth. Don’t expect to eat a lot of chutoro when enjoying tuna – it makes up such a small amount of the fish that it takes a whole fish to make one chutoro sashimi! This is why it’s a must-have!


Sushi Bake or Baked Sushi

A sushi bake is basically a deconstructed sushi roll, with all the elements you love: tangy sushi rice, seasoned crab filling, and spicy mayo to top it off. Salmon HQ makes it better by playing around and adding more to its offering so you’re constantly surprised with the taste. Some of the flavors you need to try are the Crunchy California Maki, Takoyaki, and their ultimate best-seller, the Aburi Scallops Salmon Ebi.


Premium Salmon Cake

Salmon is the only dish that you can eat raw and it’ll be so good you’ll want more. The good thing is that it is good for your body and for your heart. One of the top health benefits of eating salmon, either raw or cooked, is that it is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help the body in several ways, including: Improved brain function. Decreased risk of cardiovascular problems, like heart attack and heart arrhythmia.


So, what are you waiting for? Order yours now via their Salmon HQ Facebook Page or better yet, book them for your next event, Zoom meeting, or celebration. Everyone will definitely love you if you bring food from Salmon HQ.